Do you wanna Eat Ramen in Korea 

In the Asian diet, noodles have been a major meal, and Korea is known as one of the major nations that consume these instant noodles.  Since 1963, ramen, or Ramyun, or Ramyeon, has been one of the country’s favorite dishes. As a result, ramen has achieved remarkable success in both the domestic and global food markets. Wanna eat ramen is a common phrase used in Korean, lets disuss about it and ramen.

Do you wanna Eat Ramen?” in Korea a pickupline? 

“Do you wanna eat ramen”? in Korea?” is a popular phrase, especially in these intriguing Korean dramas. People say if a boy makes this statement to a girl or vice versa, they like you. it Is like Korean version of “Netflix and chill”

However, ramen is an instant noodle that can be prepared easily. So, if you want to eat ramen in Korea, relax and keep reading as we provide you with the different types of ramen and restaurants you can eat satisfactorily. 

Where To Eat Ramen In Korea

If you wanna eat ramen in Korea, some of the best spots we can bank on are: 

• The Ramen Jeom-pang 

If you want to eat pure ramen in Korea, you should visit the Ramen Jeom-pang restaurant in Seoul. They ensure that you have twenty different options to choose from. 

It is up to you to select the level of spiciness you want in your ramen, and for those who do not react well to spicy meals, there is non-spicy food available. One non-spicy meal you can order from this restaurant is their gimbap.

Nevertheless, you may love their ramen soup filled with pork. The fantastic flavor and the beef placed on top will give your soul the warmth it needs. The beef is thinly sliced, and the egg is cooked to perfection. 

•    The Real Ramen 

If you want to know the hallmark of original and genuine ramen, we can tell you that it is in its spicy flavor. And what better restaurant to get this genuine spicy flavor than the Real Ramen restaurant in Dongdaemun-gu?

Here, they offer three levels of spiciness tagged as “red,” “yellow, and “orange.” People say the “red” level is the spiciest you will get in there.

With low prices attached to the meal, you will be surprised at the limitless number of toppings they offer.  This restaurant also has a self-bar for those who want to eat cheese, sprouts, and rice. If you cannot eat spicy meals, you can have them with cheese, as cheese is known to decrease the spiciness. When ramen is served here, it is served with two eggs. Though you can order more.

•    The Yugjang 

One thing you can eat in the Yugjang restaurant is its Yukgaejang ramen. For those unaware, Yukgaejang means hot, spicy meat stew, which helps preserve the genuine flavor of Yukgaejang.  The ramen served here comes with a spicy beef broth soup and the ideal amount of noodles. You can order rice as a side dish to eat the soup if you like. Another meal available here is Yukgaltang. And it is served with rice and ribs. 

Different Types Of Ramen 

Now that you know where to eat ramen in Korea, let us introduce you to some different types of ramen you can eat. They are: 

1. The Samyang Original Ramen 

It is imperative to note that the Samyang Original Ramen is the first original mild soup that comes with chewy ramen. It came into circulation as far back as 1963, and even if it is not very spicy, most people love it. 

You can begin with this ramen before trying all others. Its broth has a lovely beef taste, and you can add a slice of cheese or an egg to it. 

2.    The Nongshim Shin Ramyun

The Nongshim Shin Ramyun is rated as the most popular Korean ramen since it is known around the globe. You can easily get it in the market and even online. If you dislike spice, this is the ramen for you. 

However, for the newbies who have never tasted it, it may seem pretty spicy when tasting it for the first time. This ramen has vegetable flakes, a beef broth base, and beef chunks. 

It comes in two options, which are the premium black and the red option. The premium black is costlier as it comes with a base of the sulleong-tang soup. 

3. The Ottogi Jin Ramen

Even though people will tell you that the Ottogi Jin Ramen tastes almost like the Nongshim ramen above, they have been able to tell the difference by saying the Ottogi has more red pepper taste. 

This ramen comes in diverse varieties, even though blue is the most popular. And for spice lovers, always go for the red option. The broth you will find in Ottogi ramen is flavored with kimchi and beef.

Nevertheless, if spice is not your thing, people claim this ramen is milder than most ramen brands. 

4. The Samyang Buldak Ramen

Have you heard of the Samyang Fire Noodle Challenge? Well, this was the ramen that started it all. Samyang Buldak Ramen got its popularity from its spiciness. 

Also tagged as Korean fire noodles and buldak-bokkeum-myeon, this ramen is not soup-based like most you will find out there. However, it is one of the top ramens in Korea.

As expected, it comes in two options. It is available in the standard spicy option and the Samyang 2x hot chicken flavor. 

5. The Nongshim Chapagetti

Did you watch the popular Korean movie known as Parasite? If you did, you might recognize the Nongshim chapatti as one-half of the chapaguri/jjapaguri recipe from this movie. 

It comes with chajang sauce, and its ingredients are onions, grains, ground beans, and carrots. It is easy to tell this ramen apart from others based on its black sauce used for topping the Korean-Chinese meal. 

6. The Nongshim K-Army Stew

If you want that budae jjigae taste with chili beans, then Nongshim K-Army Stew is the way to go. For those unaware, the budae jjigae was a meal crafted from the surplus foods from the US military base when the Korean War was over.  In other news, the K-Army Stew is a soup with ramen noodles, baked beans, hot dogs or ham, and any vegetables you want. However, it must be noted that this ramen is very starchy. It has potato starch added to it, which makes the noodles chewable. 


Even though, Do you wanna eat ramen in Korea? is a popular phrase used as a pickup line, Ramen stays very close in the hearts of Koreans, We know you have heard so much about ramen and cannot wait to taste this spicy noodle dish and may be date ;). Well, now you know the restaurants to go to and the type of ramen to order and chill.


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